Webinar. Intercultural Coaching (Video-in English)

From Intercultural “Lessons” to Intercultural “Insights”. Bridging is an essential notion in interculturalism. In this webinar with Manuela Marquis we would like to lay a bridge between two fields and passions that we share: interculturalism and coaching. We will start presenting what coaching and interculturalism are and are not for us. We will place coaching among other practices, outlining the differences between coaching and other well-known techniques, such as but not exclusively, training, consulting, facilitation. To show what coaching is and its possible interest in intercultural training, we will share coaching tools to move our way of doing by replacing “telling” by “asking”. You will leave with new ideas, tools and insights to fill your toolbox so that you may more efficiently and sustainably accompany your clients in their path to develop their intercultural competence. .

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